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Please welcome the new GOBA Communications Director, Maria Johnson, K9RIA.

Todd Johnson, KD8UND, will be the on-tour acting communications director for WOBA (GOBA 2021)

WOBA (GOBA 2021) Itinerary:

  • Saturday June 19th – Arrive in Sidney for registration.  Camp overnight.
  • Sunday June 20th – Sidney loop.  Travel to Wapakoneta to camp.
  • Monday June 21st – Wapakoneta loop.  Camp overnight.
  • Tuesday June 22nd – Wapakoneta loop.  Drive to Versailles to camp.
  • Wednesday June 23rd – Versailles loop.  Drive to Troy to camp.
  • Thursday June 24th – Troy loop.  Camp overnight.
  • Friday June 25th – Troy loop with optional century.  Camp overnight.
  • Saturday June 26th – Troy loop.  Head home and start getting ready for GOBA 2022!

Become a ham

Amateur Radio Operations on GOBA

Amateur Radio provides GOBA’s 1500 bicyclists with quick access to emergency services provided by GOBA’s organizers.  Volunteer amateur radio operators from local county Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) groups and amateur radio
clubs in GOBA’s host communities work hard each year to help keep GOBA riders safe.  For these amateur radio operators, all of whom have passed tests to earn their radio licenses from the Federal Communications Commission, volunteering on GOBA is both a community service and an important emergency preparedness exercise.  Using their technical communications skills and thousands of dollars  of privately owned radio equipment, these critical volunteers use GOBA to refine their skills and improve their equipment to ensure their ability to provide emergency communications services to Ohio citizens in the case of a local, state, or national emergency.


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GOBA Amateur Radio Pages Originally Created by
Jeff Ferriell, K8ZDA

Revised byJeff Slattery, N8SUZ,
GOBA Communications Director Emeritus

Revised by Todd Johnson, KD8UND, current GOBA Communications Director