Become A Ham

Become a Ham

The GOBA communications staff is working on plans to offer a test session the first day of GOBA.
We mainly plan to test for all elements.  If you plan
to take an upgrade exam, please bring photocopies of your license and any applicable
CSCEs along with the originals. (The photocopies must be submitted with the
paperwork and will not be returned.)

To study for the test, you will need a study guide for the FCC Element 2
exam for the question pool effective July 1, 2014.  Study guides for
the test pool before this date will not work.  You may purchase the “Ham Radio License Manual, 3nd edition ” text
online from the ARRL.

Information on amateur radio nationally may be found at the ARRL
, and in Ohio may be found at the Ohio

To search for a test site near you, before or after GOBA,
search the ARRL VEC exams database
the W5YI VEC exams database

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