Athens Marathon APRS Test - On April 10, 2005, the Athens County Amateur Radio Association ran a test of utilizing Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS) to track the lead runner. APRS packets were generated from a bike mobile operator using a GPS connected through a Tiny Tracker TNC and his HT transmitting through a bike mounted whip antenna. The packets were logged by the Net Control Station along with another operator and also picked up by N8SUZ's packet setup at the finish line. The packets were transmitted every two minutes over the regular net frequency. Several times the packets came during voice transmissions and were still able to be logged and with not too much interference to the net. The packets were logged using the WinAPRS software which can be downloaded from the GOBAhams site at the link below or from the WinAPRS website. There is no electronically available map of the Athens Bike Path over which most of marathon was run so we created our own map. The map and the inbound and outbound log files can be downloaded from the links below. To read them you will need the WinAPRS or similar compatible APRS software and the marathon map also linked below.

We utilize APRS for our squads and some of our bike mobiles if we can get some suitable recording stations through our local clubs and/or GOBA staff.

GPS rider map files for GOBA 2015 are available from the GOBA web site using the links below. We have the files available in several different formats depending on what application you are using to read the files or if you plan to upload them to a GPS. The Communications Director Jeff Slattery, N8SUZ will also have a flash drive containing the map files available in Mansfield in case you are having trouble with downloading these files.

To save the files to your computer, right-click the link for the desired file. If you just click the link, you will just get the file to show in text format in a browser window. From the menu, pick "Save target as" or "Save Link As" or something similar depending on your browser. In the Save As window, make sure the filename has the Windows extension (.GPX, .LOC or .KML) at the end of the filename.

If your computer doesn't have the extension associated with a program on your computer, your browser may leave the extension off the filename when it saves. We had problems last year with people who thought the files were faulty but the files were not being recognized by their GPS or map application due to the missing extension. These files have not been tested with Apple devices but should work with them. For older GPS units that have limited waypoint memory, download the week-long version which contains each day's route in 50 waypoints or less. There are separate routes for the Tuesday Century and 50 mile loops.

Load the proper file to your GPS using your GPS's file upload utiity or open the .KML in the Google Earth app on your computer or smartphone.
Garmin (.GPX) EasyGPS (.LOC) Google Earth/Maps (.KML)
Weekly .GPX Weekly .loc Weekly .kml
Sunday .GPX Sunday .loc Sunday .kml
Monday .GPX Monday .loc Monday .kml
Tuesday Optional Loop .GPX Tuesday Optional Loop .loc Tuesday Optional Loop .kml
Wednesday .GPX Wednesday .loc Wednesday .kml
Thursday Century .GPX Thursday Century .loc Thursday Century .kml
Thursday 53 Mile Opt .GPX Thursday 53 Mile Opt .loc Thursday 53 Mile Opt .kml
Friday .GPX Friday .loc Friday .kml
Saturday .GPX Saturday .loc Saturday .kml

Downloads: (log files may need to be opened in and saved from Notepad to be in text format)

WinAPRS 2.84 (Winzip) (9 mb)

Athens Marathon Map (download to maps directory of WinAPRS install) (2 kb)

Athens Marathon Outbound Log (download to logs directory of WinAPRS install in text format) (1 kb)

Athens Marathon Inbound Log (download to logs directory of WinAPRS install in text format) (1 kb)

Ohio APRS Maps (Winzip) (download to maps directory of WinAPRS install) (842 kb)

Original content by Jeff Ferriell, K8ZDA.
Revised by Jeff Slattery, N8SUZ.